Heat Preservation and Explosion-Proof Film

About Heat Preservation Film

Building heat preservation film, insulation film, glass film and energy-saving film, can also be called one of the other nicknames.

In winter, indoor temperatures are easily lost to the outdoors due to the low outdoor temperature. The large number of modern building glass windows, most of the heat are dissipated through this approach to complete, especially some practical floor-to-ceiling windows of the room, in order to prevent the indoor temperature is too low, the building insulation film and the use of glass heat preservation film is even more important.

Paste the need for building insulation film:

The choice of film or brush coating can achieve the same effect, but the use of glass heat preservation film than the use of paint more convenient, long-time, easy to operate. If paint is used, care must be taken that the final insulation effect is directly related to the skill level of the chosen mechanic. If the level of the mechanic is high, the equivalent effect of the thermal window film can be achieved. If the level of the mechanic is poor, Life is bound to be greatly reduced. The film will not exist in these areas, so be careful when choosing, do not wait until the glass devastated regret.

After testing, the use of glass heat preservation film, not only in the winter to block the loss of heat, but still can block the summer of harmful ultraviolet rays and high-temperature infrared light into the room, directly to indoor and outdoor reach more than 7 degrees temperature difference, so as to achieve "cool in Summer, warm in Winter" effect.

Explosion-Proof film

Explosion-proof membrane is used in a building on the glass of a film, when attached to the film with the construction of glass can not withstand the invasion of various external forces and rupture, in the adhesive film, the pieces can be glued together , So as to avoid splashes or dumping debris caused by human or object damage. Therefore, building explosion-proof membrane in the protection of personal and various special items of safety favored.

Explosion-proof film/membrane Features:

• Fix the broken glass to prevent the pieces from scattering or splashing.

• Prevent saboteurs from making the glass stronger and tougher.

• scratch-resistant coating, durable

• Clear and transparent, perfect retention and meet the diverse needs of sight, lighting and beauty

Explosion-proof membrane to solve the problems:

• Prevent personal injury from broken glass

• Prevent the glass from being brittle when natural disasters such as typhoon, earthquake and so on

• Prevent looters from breaking windows

• Prevent glass breakage caused by terrorist explosions

• Prevent sharp injury from falling glass curtain walls