Building Parlor and Sun Room Film


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About Parlor Glass Film

The importance of Parlor safety is now more and more people are aware that our existing domestic glass explosion-proof membrane can block a lot of solar heat, greatly reducing the cost of cooling, thereby saving electricity costs.

the Concept of Parlor Glass Film:

The so-called Parlor Film (also known as "living room glass film", "living room explosion-proof film"), is a building explosion-proof membrane. As its name suggests, is used in the family living room window glass. Living room glass can not withstand the invasion of various external forces and rupture, the film under the adhesive effect, the pieces can be glued together, so as to avoid debris splashing or dumping on the human body or items cause harm. Therefore, building explosion-proof membrane in the protection of personal and various special items of safety favored. Living room glass film is a high-performance polyester film, is a solid polyester film and metal coating through the adhesive bonding, can provide significant insulation for all types of glass. The film can be clear or colored to suit a variety of different designs. High-tech film with a metal artificially artificially sputtered on the grassroots process, plus a solid scratch-resistant coating. The use of thin membranes in micrometers, for windows and doors, fretted annoying problems such as the desire to have spacious, bright spaces. Depending on the choice of film, the foil blocks 12% -93% of the incoming light and reflects over 99% of the harmful UV radiation to protect the fabric, furniture and paint and block more than 76% of the solar heat passing through the glass. This is why more and more architects and designers are increasingly interested in using the living glass in their design buildings.

the Advantages of Parlor Glass Film:

• Energy saving, reduce heating and cooling costs
• Isolated UV, living room glass membrane can effectively skin care, care furniture
• Improve the living room micro-environment, add visual beauty
• Enhance the living room privacy, noise, anti-peeping
• Reduce glare and improve comfort
• Living room explosion-proof membrane can effectively prevent vandalism and thieves to prevent glass blew or fall caused by glass blew in the living room, falling objects such as high-altitude items

The need for use of Parlor Glass Film
Today's living room glass film enhances the aesthetic value while improving indoor comfort and reducing energy consumption. To offset the sun's heat through the windows, whether it's for new buildings or renovating old buildings or home living rooms, the use of living-room explosion-proof membranes is one of the most effective and economical ways to control energy consumption and increase indoor comfort.

Sun Room film

The so-called sun room film, has also become the sun room insulation film is a window film. As its name implies, is used in the sun room building window glass film, mainly used to block the outdoor heat into the room, especially in the hot summer, a large amount of radiant heat into the room, so that the indoor temperature is extremely high, affecting the normal Working and living comfort, and building insulation film can block more than 90% of the indoor heat, played an irreplaceable role.

Sun room insulation film, a special polyester film as a substrate, the middle of the polyester film by magnetron sputtering and other methods, coated with a variety of different high reflectivity of the metal or metal oxide coating, the special process Composite pressed into a transparent light and high thermal insulation of the functional glass film, which can be cheap ordinary transparent flat glass into a variety of colors, a variety of functions of the glass, because the glass film metal spray layer can be reflected and absorbed infrared.

From the authority of the test results show that the sun room foil can effectively prevent the introduction of high-temperature outdoor indoors. According to the different types of glass used in the sun room, different profiles and different lighting rates and post-filming the visual effects and cost estimates are different, the cooling rate to achieve a wide gap, generally ranging from 7 - 20 degrees. For residents who love large balconies with balconies, this is no better than a transparent "banana leaf." At present, the sun room film has been widely used in the construction industry. But if you think the sun room insulation film can only play a simple thermal insulation effect is too comprehensive.

First, the sun room film addition to the magical effect of thermal insulation, it can effectively prevent frost condensation in winter glass, glass to maintain the light transmission. Four Seasons general film in its insulation function, based on the special anti-frost treatment, after this treatment of the glass film can effectively prevent the hanging glass frost on the winter glass, not only to maintain the good light-translucent glass, and It can also prevent water and ice from damaging windows and walls after the ice cream has dissolved.

Second, it also has a variety of functions such as safety explosion-proof, UV protection, thermal insulation, privacy protection, beautiful decoration and so on. And transparency, clarity is not affected. Therefore, the sun room film has become a comprehensive glass to enhance performance, create a comfortable home trendy convenience.

Furthermore, the high heat penetration, while maintaining good indoor lighting, but also block a lot of solar heat through the glass. More importantly, UV rays can be effectively blocked to protect your skin health. Enhance the sunshine room living comfort.

Finally, there is a wide variety, basic colors, translucent, opaque, and geometrically printed. Can be applied to any flat glass, can produce exquisite ideas, different styles of effects. Unique visual effects and graphics to give you a new style of design, add the overall sense of beauty, and create a noble and elegant indoor environment.