About Stokvis Tape company overview


Stokvis Tape is a global leader in manufacturing precision die-cut component parts made of innovative adhesive materials


Why Choose to buy Stokvis Tape

1 | Knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals.

We want to be your partner, and to do this, we need to earn your trust. We can deliver the best of all brands and offer you a complete tape package. Where assembly, protection, sealing, packaging, insulation, masking, identification or connection is an essential part of the production process, we will advise you on the appropriate tape solution.

2 | Consistent and reliable products that meet or exceed your requirements.

With our production capabilities we can deliver not only the right tape for your application, but also in the right size and/or shape.

3| Professional TESTING

With our in-house laboratories we can provide you with a reliable solution with technical support.

4 | Quick response, quick turn-around on orders and on-time delivery.

Local language, same quality in all countries with short delivery times.We love a challenge!


Lasting partnerships with customers and suppliers. Our market specialists know your industry and can recommend the right solution. Our quality certifications are proof of our specialized services.


Building on its success in the various industries, Stokvis Tape has developed into one of the world’s largest specialty tape converters and manufacturers, servicing customers and markets in countries all over the globe. During its time in business, Stokvis Tape has evolved into a full range supplier of pressure sensitive tapes servicing a variety of markets, Precision Die-cutting, Fabricating, Custom Converting, Retail and General Industrial. Whether your needs call for private labeled custom slit roll goods, or precision die-cut and laminated parts and pieces, Stokvis Tape priority is to provide the best combination of quality, price and service in the industry. Our aim is not to just meet your expectations, but to exceed them.

To provide our customers with innovative solutions that go beyond the products we manufacture. We are committed to improving the way our customers apply, assemble, bond, hold and seal with the products we create the services we provide.

Stokvis Tapes is committed to being the world’s premier converter of pressure sensitive adhesives. We foster a culture in which our people openly collaborate, respect value diverse views opinions, and adhere to the highest standards of business conduct. Functioning as one team, with one goal; to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.