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Thermal Conductive Tape

Stokvis Tape is a global leader in manufacturing
precision die-cut component parts made of innovative adhesive materials

Thermal Conductive Tape

Stokvis tape's thermally conductive tapes offer high performance heat dissipation; vital requirements for designing electronic devices where demand is for slimmer and more powerful features. Thermally conductive tapes offer a clean alternative to pastes and liquid adhesives and can be die-cut to bespoke designs, providing efficiency of application and reducing assembly times.

Technical Data

Backing thickness Adhesive Backing Color Peel Adhesion Holding Power 1kg/25mm/h Insulating Strength Thermal Conductivity Short-term temperature Long-term temperature
50μm~300μm Acrylic Glass fiber /None White /Beige /Grey > 10.78 N/mm >48 1~7.5KV 1.2W/mk 180℃ 120℃

  • Any data provided relates to values typically generated when measuring these materials, and is offered as a guide to material selection. However it is not guaranteed and the user is responsible for evaluating the suitability of a product for the application it is intended for. Some test methods may vary, please refer to data sheet or call for assistance.

  • Thermal Conductive Tapes' Characteristics

    Available with a solvent resistant acrylic or high temperature silicone adhesive
    Available in a range of thicknesses
    Flame retardant
    Solvent resistant
    Physical and electrical properties remain stable in high temperatures