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PTFE-Teflon Tape

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PTFE-Teflon Tape

Stokvis tape's insulating teflon adhesive tape is thin, extremely resistant to chemicals and has a high arc resistance. They are free of carbonising materials and are great for non-stick applications. PTFE adhesive tape is used in applications requiring consistent performance and minimum shrinkage across a wide range of temperatures. They perform consistently over a broad temperature range (180°C/356°F), for use on high temperature coils, capacitor and wire harnesses.

Technical Data

Backing thickness Adhesive Backing Color Adhesion to Steel Elogation at Break Voltage resistance Short-term temperature Long-term temperature
80μm~180μm Silicone Glass fiber cloth Brown / Black 8 ± 2 N/25mm 25%-55% 5-6 KV/mm / >15 KV/mm 300℃ 260℃

  • Any data provided relates to values typically generated when measuring these materials, and is offered as a guide to material selection. However it is not guaranteed and the user is responsible for evaluating the suitability of a product for the application it is intended for. Some test methods may vary, please refer to data sheet or call for assistance.

  • PTFE-Teflon Tapes Characteristics

    Available in a range of thicknesses
    High dielectric and breaking strength
    Solvent resistant
    UL510 Flame retardant
    Available with acrylic or thermosetting rubber adhesives
    High temperature Resistance