Always allow PVC tape to relax for a few seconds before pressing down well. If a tape is to be used where there is a possibility of it acting as a wick, then make sure the tape is flame retardant.

When applying tape, press down firmly to allow the adhesive to bond well. PVC is a tough, durable plastic film with resistance to oils, chemicals and solvents. It has excellent abrasion resistance and the presence of plasticiser makes it very stretchy.

Polyethylene is a tough, stretchy film that has good high and low tempreature performance. >Do not judge how sticky a tape is by how easily it unwinds. Some tapes are designed to unwind easily yey has a very powerful adhesive. The most UV resistant colour is black.

If you could only choose one tapefor a building site -AT6000 should be the one. Self- amalgamating tape -the tape fuses to itself at room temperature. Self-bonding tapes- heat has to be applied for the tape to bond.

If you are sealing gas fire closure plates, make sure the adhesive tape used meets the PRS10 specification. Try not to over stretch adhesive tapes before applying, otherwise they will try to shrink back after application. Cloth tapes are ideal for polythene sheet joining because they shrink back far less than PVC tapes, avoiding ruching of the polythene. Polycoated cloth tapes are waterproof cloth tapes formed by coating the cloth with a molten polymer before adhesive coating. They have a more resilient water proofing than polycloth laminate tapes.

When talking about double sided tapes, the faced side is the side that peels off the roll of tape. The un-faced side is the topside. All of our foil tapes have water based environmentally friendly adhesives.

Self- adhesive strapping tapes prevent the parcel being picked up bythe strapping, thereby preventing damage to the parcel.