converter of 3M Masking Tape

Masking Tape

Stokvis Tape is a global leader in manufacturing
precision die-cut component parts made of innovative adhesive materials

Masking Tape

Stokvis tape offers a range of masking tapes, for general purpose and high performance applications within industries such as automotive, industrial, marine and electronics. Masking tapes are available for use in external and internal environments and a range of colours is available for easy identification. They can attach to many surfaces, including metal, plastic, rubber, powder coated paint, freshly painted surfaces, glass, porcelain and wood.

Technical Data

Backing hickness Adhesive Backing Color Holding Power Elogation at Break Short-term temperature Long-term temperature
120-150μm Acrylic/Silicone Textured paper/ Washi paper white/ Blue/ Yellow/ Red >4 13% 180℃ 80℃

Masking Tape Characteristics

Stain, sliver, solvent and moisture resistance
Easy tear without pulling or stretching
Very high temperature resistance (up to 160°C)
Easy and clean removal
Instant adhesion at touch
High and low tack holding power
Sulphur free options for use on copper, silver and other precious metals
Highly conformable to stretch and adhere to curves