Anti-Static Protective Film

Anti-Static Film

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Anti-Static Optical Protective Film

Stokvis tape's Anti-Static Optical Protective Film is ustom-designed according to the properties of ITO Glass/ ITO Film/ OGS. It consists of optical PET and acrylic adhesive, and is produced in Class 1000 clean room. It offers stable anti-static and excellent anti-scratch features.

Technical Data

Backing hickness Adhesive Backing Release Liner
0.06mm Acrylic Transparent PET Transparent Release film

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  • Anti-Static Optical Protective Film Characteristics

    Excellent and stable anti-static feature
    Excellent anti-scratch property
    High transmitting
    Produced in Class1000 Clean Room
    Reliable adhesion
    No adhesive residue, no migration
    Designed for the Touch Module’s protection during the manufacturing or shipping process