Anti-Scattering Film membrane

Anti-Scattering Film

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Anti-Scattering Film

Stokvis tape's Anti-Scattering Film is custom-designed for OGS air-bonding process. It is effective for filling up ink printing gaps. Also, it is excellent for preventing glass pieces from scattering when encountering the outer force impact.

Technical Data

Backing hickness Adhesive Backing Release Liner
0.105mm Acrylic Optical PET Transparent Release film

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  • Anti-Scattering Film Characteristics

    Total thickness: 0.105mm
    Effective for filling up ink printing gaps
    Non-acid optical clear adhesive → excellent for laminating on the sensor side of OGS Touch Module
    Excellent anti-watermark feature → prevent watermark problems between the touch module and LCM
    Extremely low photopic reflectance and higher light transmission→ enhance the visual effect substantially
    Designed for the OGS air-bonding process