3.0 W/mk Silicone Thermal Conductive Interface

3.0 W/mk Thermal Conductive Interface Gap Pads

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3.0 W/mk Heat Sink Interface Gap Pads

Thermal Conductive Gap Pads provide effective thermal interfaces between heat sinks and electronic devices where there are uneven surfaces, air gaps and rough surface textures. They offer high conformability to reduce interface resistance. As well as providing low stress vibration damping and are compatible with automated dispensing equipment.3.0 W/mk Thermal Conductive Gap Pads are designed to provide a heat transfer path between heat generating components and heat sinks, heat spreaders or other cooling devices. They are soft and conformable for optimum thermal transfer, as well as shock and vibration damping to minimise potential damage to components. Thermal gap pads are commonly used in applications including LED lighting, flat panel displays, mass storage devices, engine control units and wireless communications hardware.

Technical Data

Thickness Color Thermal Conductivity Hardness Specific Gravity Service Temperature Breakdown Voltage Volume Resistivity Flamability Dielectric Constant
0.3~12mm Deep Blue 3.0 W/m.k 20~40 Shore C 2.8 g/cm3 -40~+200℃ ≥4 KV 1.1*1016 UL-94 V-0 7.15 @1mhz

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  • 3.0 W/mk Thermal Conductive interface Gap Pads Characteristics

    Thermal Conductivity:3.0 W/m.k
    Comsumer electronics
    ASICs and DSPS
    Compensate unevenness between PCB and heat sink
    For application with low contact pressure
    Tolerance adjustment of multible components